The Palace Of The Lustful Kitty

Jul 23






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Summer Storm

Another sticky hot summer day, and Kitty and I were laying around in the cool manufactured air of the AC. Through the patio doors we could see our new neighbor, who we had yet to meet, struggle putting together a new BBQ. From the sweat soaking his t-shirt, it looked like it was getting the better of him. It took him a little bit, but eventually a shiny new grill stood proudly on his deck.

“Thirsty?” Kitty asked as she hopped off the couch to grab a few more cold ones. As she walked past the patio doors, our new neighbor saw her, stared a bit, but the quickly looked away. Kitty loved wearing my shirts in weather like this – and not much else. As she walked over to the patio door, my t-shirt swayed just below the thong underneath it. She wore no bra and her nipples were slightly evident under the thin material.

To my surprise, Kitty slid open the patio door. “What time is dinner?” She yelled over to our neighbor. He looked over and threw his hands up in exasperation. “Not tonight I’m afraid… I forgot to buy gas… and food…. So it’s frozen pizza again.”

Kitty laughed. “Ok… 7;30 then… we have plenty of gas and plenty of food.”

"Oh no, I couldn’t." He smiled as he protested.

"Oh yes you can. You can’t refuse a neighbor’s offer. It’s the law."

"Wow, I was unaware of that… so I guess I’ll have to be there."

Returning to the couch with our beers, Kitty told me about our dinner guest. We discussed what to make, and I silently wondered what prompted her invite. Our neighbor had arrived the month before, alone, and didn’t seem like a serial killer. I guessed he was in his late twenties, blue collar by the look of his truck. As a straight guy’s assessment I’d place him in the ok-looking category. LOL.

By 7 I was getting our gill ready. Kitty was danced around the kitchen in another flowing sundress. It was still muggy out, however a cool wind every so often suggested it a typical summer thunder storm might be on the way. Kitty and I both love cooking so by the time our guest arrived, the steak and crab legs were grilling. He introduced himself - for privacy we’ll call him Neighbor - and presented us with two very nice bottles of wine that went great with out meal.

For the next hour or so we ate, drank and laughed. We were getting along so great that we didn’t even notice the sky getting darker. I did notice that as even though Kitty’s hand was drifting across my lap, she also seemed to be in contact with Neighbor… gentle touches on his arm, a brush over the hand, etc. If I had any doubts why Kitty had invited him, I knew the love of my life too well to miss the signs. We were finishing the second bottle of wine, so I offered to get a new one, and neither objected. On the way inside Kitty and I smiled at each other and gave a wink. When I returned, Kitty was sitting next to Neighbor and they were looking at his phone.

"Oh… you should see the photos of his cabin upstate, honey, and he said we could use it anytime, it’s very private." She turned the phone to me, so I could see, but what I was really looking at was her arm which reached below the table and I assumed on to his lap. Neighbor didn’t seem to mind.

We were all caught off guard by the sound of thunder overhead. Looking up we saw the dark skies overhead.

"Oh man." Neighbor said "II guess we better seek shelter."

"No way!" Kitty said. "I love the rain!!! And the best part of our yard is that no one can see in….except…" She turned to neighbor. "Can you see in our yard?"


"Oh really? So were you looking in slightly the other day when we were in the hot tub?" Neighbor turned red. "But I bet you had a better view when we were upstairs."
“I did actually…:” he replied, gaining confidence. “though to be honest, I did see quite a bit when you were in the hot tub as well.”

Kitty giggled. “Oh you did? Did you like it?” I could see her arm move. “Was your cock as hard as it is now?”
Neighbor looked at me and I told him “You should know by now to answer a girl with a cock in your hand.:” We felt the first few drops of rain as Kitty and neighbor began to kiss. I watched for a few moments, then walked over behind her and untied the knot of her dress. The top fell exposing her breasts. His hands went right to them and Kitty moaned. She turned to me, and I leaned down kissing her as Neighbor turned his lips to Kitty’s nipples.

Tasting another man’s sweat on my girl’s lips went right through my and my cock was straining at my shorts. Kitty noticed and grabbed the bulge making me weak at the knees. The rain was falling steadier now, and I lifted Kitty to her feet and slid the dress down to a heap on the ground. I could hear Neighbor say “Wow” at the sheer beauty of her naked body. I sat her on the table and immediately lowered my face between her thighs, my tongue licking the rain water that was falling on her skin. Neighbor took the opportunity to drop his shorts and toss off his tshirt. Kitty grabbed his hand and motioned him up on the table. He knelt next to her, with his hard cock at her hungy mouth. His cock was nice and long, not as fat as mine. His balls hung low, full of cum. Pulling her wet hair from her face, Kitty licked the shaft of his dick from top to bottom. Between her moans my tongue were edging out of her, she swallowed him, wrapping he hand around his dick.

He threw back his head in pleasure as Kitty sucked his cock. She’s so amazing at it, that I don’t ever want her to stop sucking my dick, so I knew what Neighbor was feeling. He grabbed her hair and pumped in and out, fucking her face. I licked harder, and slid my fingers into her, pumping her pussy until she came. Her panties, which were socked from the rain and her juices, and I slid them off. Her tongue trailed down Neighbor’s balls, and her fist pumped him hard. She gave him a last lick, before turning and laying back on the table. Her spread legs were before him and he wasted no time slipping his long cock into her wet pussy. Kitty moaned in pleasure and may have cum right there, though with the rain soaking all of us, it was impossible to tell.

Looking over she as he pumped in and out of her, she noticed me watching, with her panties still in my hand. She grabbed them and pulled me closer. In what is one of my favorite tricks of hers, she wrapped the lacy thong around the base of my cock. My dick grew even thicker as she twisted her homemade cock ring. She pulled my dick closer and ran her tongue along it. She blew on it and between the sensations of the cool rain and her hot breath - and the incredibly arousing act of out new friend fucking her pussy - I nearly came right there. Kitty could feel it and twisted the panties tighter around me. She engulfed me and sucked me between moaning from being fucked in the rain by someone we had just met.

As the thunder boomed above us, Kitty indicated she wanted to switch she led us off the table and lay neighbor down on the chaise lounge. With his cock pointing straight up, she lowered herself onto it. I tugged at my dick for a few moments as they fucked hard and fast, he slamming into her, her body meeting every thrust. I walked up behind her, lowered down and licked the rain water off her neck.

"Holy fuck."she moaned and came on the spot, her body tensing briefly, then right back to rocking back and forth on his rock hard member. I squeezed her nipples before taking my position behind her. Everything was so wet that I easily slid my hard cock into her ass. I slowly slid in and out of her as neighbor pumped up and down insider her pussy. Kitty went wild and nearly screamed as she came, the thunder almost drowning out her orgasms.

The whole scene was driving us all crazy and shortly the Neighbor stated he needed to cum.

"I want you on my tits." Kitty told him. She slid down the the ground and took his dick between her beautiful breasts. She varied between her breasts and her hand, fondling his balls until he couldn’t resist and shot steady streams of hot cum all over her breasts. I watched this scene, jerking myself as I did. watching her rub his cum into her skin, I knew it was my turn. Kitty could tell and turned, swallowed my the head of my cock just as I came. She swallowed every last drop, milking me dry until I stepped back, needing the table for support.

Kitty stood to kiss me and I could taste that familiar taste of sex on her lips and tongue. We broke our kiss and noticed the rain had stopped and the evening sun was peaking through the clouds.

“yeah!” Kitty exclaimed. “Hot tub anyone?”